Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saturday 3 March 1945, Marks Hall

My darling,
                The letter that I expected this morning came, rather unusually, by the evening post. I'm glad you have received all the extra coupons and though I understand your diffidence about letting shopkeepers into the secret at such an early date, I hope you won't let anything prevent you from demanding and devouring every extra that you are entitled to. It is really a very good thing that the state should supervise women's nourishment at that time and I hope the plan remains after the war.

                 I didn't really mean to wander from your interesting condition into politics. Excuse the diversion. You have not given me any details of the reservation of a bed and I am thirsty for knowledge. Did you visit the place and pick a particular bed or did they send a prospectus offering different qualities of bed and emphasising the social status of your neighbours on their more select sites? I must know all about it and will not be put off by any wifely secrecy.

                This morning's post brought the bank statement which you forwarded. It makes plaeant reading, for a long-expected adjustment of my F/Lt pay has at last caught me up and the result is a lump sum of £60. Also the balance of my Mediterranean pay book (£140) has at last got into my bank account so that my credit is now £446. This is too hight for a current account so I propose to send a letter to Lloyds instructing them to pay in £200 to your account at the Union Bank. Out of that I want you to take anything you require for your immediate or future needs and put the rest into the bottom compartment of the steel safe. I don't know how many certificates I hold, but in making your calculations don't forget the small number in my old book. These I will definitely cash the next time I'm home on leave.

                I'll write to Lloyds tomorrow and the actual transfer should take about a week. So you can ask at the Union Bank in about 10 days time. When you have completed the business, pleas send me the following data (a) the number of my Savings Cert. Book (b) how many certificates I hold in all (c) how many you hold. I am sorry to worry you with financial business but one's money keeps piling up in the most tiresome way. And once again, don't hesitate to take whatever you want out of the sum I'm transferring. You are such a strangely proud little so-and-so that I have to emphasise this in a most unseemly way.

              The war is going beautifully just now and Germany is obviously "ripe for shaking". Monty seems to have brought off another of his classic right hooks with the American 9th Army. The final showdown is going to be terrific and I don't think it will last very long since the Russians will obviously be going again by that time. Germany must crumple up if she has to face two major offensives conducted simultaneously on her own soil while the Allied air forces are wrecking her interior lines of communication.

(Sunday morning)
                  Once again work interfered with my letter-writing last night. This morning it is very cold but beautifully clear. We have had a succession of cold bright days here. Yesterday I went for another walk and went quite a reasonable distance. .....

                I hope you are telling me the absolute truth when you say that you feel fine during the day. I'm glad you say that you are going to throw up your job just as soon as you feel like it, without considering anyone else. I am already looking forward to fussing over you during my next leave - and it's only about eight weeks away now, if all goes well.

                I must write also to the bank before the post goes. Give my regards to everyone at 155 [Hyndland Road] ...



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